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Our Coffee is Nordic approach

Specialty coffee has come a long way from the canals of Venice to the modern day coffee bars. The transformation has been a global effort, including the innovative Nordic approach to coffee. As the world’s largest consumers of coffee the Nordic countries have taken a leading role in transforming coffee from bean to cup.

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We make paninis in the traditional Italian way: only the bread is warmed as to maintain the integrity of the ingredients. All of our sandwiches are made to order and can be ordered as salads.

house made Liège waffles

What’s typically called a Belgian waffle in the US is called a Brussels waffle in Belgium. The Liège waffle is heartier and often served as a quick bite to eat on the go. Our recipe is from an early 19th century cookbook and utilizes a yeasted dough made from bread flour that takes more than 27 hours to prepare.

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Keep Up with Us


Caffé Aficionado is a specialty caffe located in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, VA. We offer the best in craft coffee, artisanal teas, fresh-squeezed juices, delightful pastries, inspired sandwiches and salads, and our signature Liège waffles.

Our Story

The journey to Caffé Aficionado began when we discovered specialty coffee and fell in love. We started going to various shops all over the country, experiencing different coffee roasters, and taking educational courses about coffee. Throughout this process our love of coffee increased but we did notice two common themes. First, coffee bars seemed to care only about coffee. The other beverages were not prepared with the same skill and devotion and that’s if they bothered having any thing other then coffee and tea. We wanted our café to be a place that cared just as deeply about teas, juices, hot chocolate, pasties, sandwiches and salads. We didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

The second common theme was a lack of hospitality. We found many of the owners and employees to have a very rigid attitude about coffee. We decided that our café would emphasize service and hospitality. We were greatly inspired by Danny Meyer’s book, Setting the Table, and we began to ask ourselves, “Who said you couldn’t have 5 star service in a causal setting”?

It is with this commitment to excellence and hospitality that Caffé Aficionado was born, and this remains our driving force. We have selected the best roasters, tea-makers, chocolatiers, ingredients, and tools to provide you with a memorable experience. We have staffed our café with people who are passionate about their work, devoted to their craft and above all committed to hospitality.

Our Truths and Values

Prestige without pretension, hospitality, simplicity, artisanal, innovative and most importantly, community. These are words and phrases that have been used to describe the atmosphere we proudly foster and nourish here at Caffé Aficionado. When you walk through our doors, you become part of an exclusive group of individuals who have sought and found the very best that can be offered at our reinvention of the historical European coffeehouses. Please enjoy our speciality coffees, artisanal teas, freshly baked pastries, sandwiches and salads made to order. Nestled in this luxury, we bring to you our baristas; who proudly stand behind every cup you enjoy, and have a zealousness to engage in discussions of all the factors that make our coffees, teas and luxury drinks the absolute best. We are humbly developing an ever-expanding menu, based on the feedback we receive from our patrons, using all-natural ingredients.

We believe that the single simple moment of taking the first and last sip of one our drinks, the first and last bites of our foods, is who we are. That short, fleeting moment where you can just enjoy. Welcome to Caffé Aficionado.
We hope to see you soon.

Our Staff


Our staff is dedicated to their craft and the highest level of service.

Our Partners

Supersonic Coffee  We are proud to serve their amazing coffee.

Tim Wendelboe  Tim Wendelboe has revolutionized specialy coffee and we honored to carry his coffee.

Drop Coffee Roasters   We found this Swedish roaster and fell in love with their amazing beans.

The Coffee Collective   This Danish roaster makes some of the most delicious coffee we have ever tasted.

Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters  Another Swede with amazing beans that are roasted to perfection.

Steven Smith Teamaker We are proud to have been the first cafe in this region to carry Steven Smith. His teas are produced fresh, in small batches in Portland. Of course it’s in Portland.

Dona Chai We met Amy at Coffee Fest in NYC and we couldn’t get her Chai out of our mind . We are the only place outside of NYC to carry Dona Chai, but we have a feeling that won’t be for too long.

El Ceibo Bolivia This amazing, organic chocolate from Bolivia makes all of our chocolate based drinks that much better.

Oasis Farms  The milk and produce from this organic farm in Lancaster, PA is unbeatable. The care that goes into sustaining a farm of this quality is evident in quality of the products that come from here.

Delta Produce  Thanks to Kostas and his team at Delta we can provide the best oranges and produce for your enjoinment.

Grupo 7  Do you love how we look? Before Grupo 7 we were just a cold, dark shell.

The General Design Company  Isn’t this website gorgeous? Do you love our logo? How about the design of our place? You can thank our friends at TGDCo. for making that happen.

Papadopoulos Properties  If John Gogos from Papadopoulos Properties hadn’t found this place, we would still be looking.



weekdays 7am – 6pm
sat 8am – 3 pm
sun closed



Doing Good

Yu Ying 5th Grade Trip to China

We supported Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School’s recent trip to China.


Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network

A-SPAN’s mission is to secure permanent housing and provide life-sustaining services for Arlington’s most vulnerable individuals through outreach and relationships built on trust and respect.


If you have a charity you think we should know about, contact us